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¿Se habla español?

By | Crown News, Industry News

Did you know, Crown Press offers bilingual services in Spanish? Ofreciendo servicios bilingües. Podemos satisfacer todas sus necesidades de impresión así como proveer traducciones entre inglés y español para ayudarle a alcanzar mercados en los dos idiomas con sus campañas publicitarias y de comunicación. See what Crown Press can do for you.

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Your Marketing Strategy Needs Peer Reviews!

By | Crown News, Industry News

Why peer reviews matter to your B2B business! It matters. It really does. I’m not just saying you need peer reviews for your B2B business website, I’m saying you must have them. And don’t be afraid of them. Of course, everyone wants good reviews, but we’re humans, and how we handle the bad reviews is what will really make your company shine. Learn why peer reviews do matter to your business and why you should use them on your business website.

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Paper Prices Increasing

By | Industry News

Paper prices are finally increasing, but why?
At Crown Press, we strive to produce high-quality printing products at the best cost for our customers. Unfortunately, due to rising paper costs, we have had to raise prices lately. Here are a few reasons paper costs have been rising. Over the past 20 years, the paper industry has undergone a dramatic change with the advent of digital media consumption. Now after 20 years those mills that survived are reshaping their industry. A booming specialty market and reduced capacity have balanced the paper marketplace. Now paper mills have the power to increase prices in 2019. Learn why.

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