Your Marketing Strategy Needs Peer Reviews!

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Why peer reviews matter to your B2B business!

According to the “2018 Benchmark Report: The Impact of Reviews on B2B Buyers and Sellers,” 92 percent of buyers said they were more likely to purchase a product or service after reading a trusted review. – Print Illustrated, Volume 2 Issue 4 Winter 2018

It matters. It really does. I’m not just saying you need peer reviews for your B2B business website, I’m saying you must have them. And don’t be afraid of them. Of course, everyone wants good reviews, but we’re humans, and how we handle the bad reviews is what will really make your company shine.

Why is it that peer reviews matter? Why should you use them on your website? Good questions. It turns out that 92 percent of your customers are using peer reviews to influence their buying decisions. Since people are looking for reviews to judge your companies worthiness, shouldn’t you have those reviews on your site?

Read Dain D.‘s review of Crown Press on Yelp

But I don’t have any reviews and I’m afraid that someone will write a negative review. That’s true. Someone might write a negative review. In fact, we have one on Yelp. How you handle the review, good or bad, says a lot about your company. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t have a marketing strategy in place when the review was posted and didn’t realize the review was even on Yelp. Had we known the negative review was on Yelp, we would have left a follow-up message addressing the issue the customer had and tried to offer a solution that would have worked for the customer. Never blame the customer or get angry at them. That is a big no-no. Don’t do it. It will hurt your company and your reputation and turn a potential customer off from using your service.

Don’t be afraid to ask for reviews. Of course, don’t lie about a review and don’t offer any service or favor in return for the review. You must be truthful in your advertising. Your customers demand honesty and will reward you if you are. Your blemishes can help too. Too many good reviews make you look fake. A few bad reviews, especially if handled right, will make your company real to your customer and help them decide to do business with you. After all, that is what you want. A well-informed customer buying your product.

Are you using peer reviews as part of your marketing strategy? If not, why not? If you are, let us know in the comment section. We would like to know how peer marketing has helped your business grow.

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    Stay on top of your customer’s reviews and respond positively to good and bad reviews.

    We’re not robots. Make sure you treat your customers as you would want to be treated even in trying situations.

    Don’t forget to ask for a review. That is the whole point of this article. You need reviews. Ask customers who left negative reviews to update their reviews once you have successfully resolved their issue.

    Want to get more reviews? You probably have more reviews than you know waiting to be written. Just ask your long-term customers. Most are willing to write a review if you ask politely. Also, give them the means to write a review, be it on Yelp, Google, Facebook, or your website.

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